A walnut native to the Meta produces the extract for eternal youth

A walnut native to the Meta produces the extract for eternal youth

The oil extracted from the Cacay nut or Tacay, an endemic tree that is produced in the Meta, is regenerative and anti-aging, attenuates spots, reduces lines of expression, stimulates cell regeneration, improves elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin.
With a profitability of around 75%, Agroindustrias Tacay SAS, sold in the United States and Europe, during its first year, 40 liters of raw material and for the second it increased to 60 liters.

VILLAVICENCIO, Jun 22 (Colombia-Inn) The formula to obtain an elixir of eternal youth is considered a great mystery in the world, and apparently, this enigma was discovered in San Martin, Meta, and is presented to the world thanks to Agroindustries Tacay SAS

Six years ago the efforts of Iván Martínez, a veterinarian, led Óscar, one of his sons, to investigate an endemic fruit of the Orinoquia and the Amazon: the Cacay tree or Tacay.

“We saw this tree in the courtyards of the houses, but nobody knew what it was for. My grandmother made arepas after grinding the fruit and it was always heard that her oil was used for hair and skin care, “recalled Oscar Martínez, manager and founder of Agroindustrias Tacay SAS, in a dialogue with Colombia-inn.

After testing, exploring and getting to know this nut, – by the way, apparently the only fruit of this type originally from Colombia – Óscar and his family were discovering that the idea of ​​using the oil from the tree was not preposterous and that, if so many people commented about the benefits of the Cacay, it was because the fruit contained a revolutionary secret.

“It all started in the garage of my father’s house. We tried in many ways to extract the oil in an artisanal way, we applied it to our skin. Until a scientific analysis was carried out and an agro-industrial advisor urged us to build an oil extraction plant to add more value to the fruit and its derivatives. After many trials and errors we managed to have the production plant with defined processes for extraction, and thus we discovered the benefits of the oil we had in our hands, “explained Martinez.

After several years of work, research and investment, in 2014 the company Agroindustrias Tacay SAS was set up, which began to produce the oil in an industrial manner, with a business model that has been growing little by little.

The benefits of Cacay
The oil extracted from the nut is regenerative and anti-aging, thanks to the extraordinary properties of Retinol, Vitamin E and Omegas 6 and 9. According to research, this oil attenuates spots on the skin, reduces lines of expression, stimulates cell regeneration, improves elasticity, hydration and gives firmness to the skin.

As a result, it is used in different cosmetic products that Agroindustrias Tacay SAS currently sells, such as anti-aging oil, face cream and body butter. Each of them with the principles of Cacay, perfect formula for the vitality of the skin.

“El aceite del Cacay has a detailed study carried out with the Inkemia group, an internationally certified Spanish laboratory. As part of the technical validation of our product, we develop the relevant studies that ensure its effectiveness, “said the llanero entrepreneur.

And, according to the technical description made by experts, the oil has an ideal pH, high degree of Retinol and tocopherol, fatty acids, potassium and manganese, exceeding the normal stability standards in all these characteristics, for a vegetable oil.

“With this study it was determined if the concentration of preservatives in the formula was adequate. In addition, we managed to determine the non-allergic reaction of our oil and its negative toxic effect on the skin, “said Ivan Carrillo, commercial and development director, and Oscar’s brother-in-law.

The tree
The leaves of this tree, which grows between 15 and 20 cm., Usually have a honey that attracts all kinds of animals. Your harvest begins in January and goes until April. It is native to the Amazon and the Colombian Orinoquia, but is also found in Peru and Ecuador. However, in none of these countries is it used as it is done in the Meta.

The fruits fall alone from the tree, they must be collected early and stored under specific conditions. A mature tree, 12 years old, reaches an approximate annual production of 200 to 250 kilos of the multivitamin nut.

Agroindustrias Tacay SAS, supports 150 peasant families in the department of Meta, with the purchase of the Cacay wild harvest at fair prices; It encourages the conservation of the tree and the planting of more specimens to preserve the species, all in the exercise of a function that generates additional income for these families.

In addition, this company that was born in San Martín, has more than 50 hectares of Cacay on its own land and a nursery where the germination and grafting process is carried out, as well as the maintenance tasks of more than 40,000 Cacay seedlings.

“My father is the leader of the agro part of the company. He left his profession and dedicates himself day by day to the construction of the dream that continues to become a reality, “said Martínez, a civil engineer, while Iván is an industrial engineer.

Everyone has made their contribution, they have had to grow and learn from the industry. They have achieved it with passion and strength. They joined some years ago, Johnny Gonzalez, who from the first moment believed in the business and bet on him as an investment partner.

Promising figures
With a profitability of around 75%, Agroindustrias Tacay SAS sold 40 liters of raw material and 1,000 units of the finished product during its first year. For their second year, they sold 60 liters of raw material, while they tripled the finished product figure.

They achieved this thanks to the fact that they have not given up their dream and they have confidence in the Cacay. But they are not the only ones, big cosmetic laboratories are already interested in obtaining this natural miracle.

Since they launched their first production, they have exported the oil as a raw material to laboratories in the United States, England, Spain, Italy, and thanks to macro business wheels, they will soon do business with Chile and Japan.

This llanero enterprise generates between 17 and 27 direct jobs, depending on the time of year, as well as the opportunity for 150 families that provide the raw material. Currently Agroindustrias Tacay SAS, has an annual production capacity of more than 15,000 liters of oil.

“We are contemplating the idea of ​​reaching Europe with the products we have developed, because at the moment we have only sent oil to be used in different cosmetics. In Colombia, we do have the distribution of the three products throughout the Meta, Valledupar, Eje Cafetero and Medellín, “said Iván, in his capacity as commercial and development director.

The awards and recognitions
Emprender has not been an easy task, but this has motivated them to participate successfully in different calls. For example, they won first place in the Ecopetrol innovation prize (2016); They are part of the group of nine companies that benefit from the Bios 100 program of Colciencias (2016) and are among the five companies that won the Reds – Destapa Futuro award from the Bavaria Foundation (2017).

More opportunities
When the 50 hectares planted themselves mature and bear fruit, this Colombian company will have the opportunity to produce more than 80,000 liters of Cacay oil. In addition, the effectiveness studies will continue to strengthen the commercialization of your product.

A not too distant goal is to take advantage of 100% of the product and use the residual mass of Cacay, which contains a high vitamin load, to produce energy bars for human consumption.

By: Angelica Guzman