About us

Agroindustrias Tacay S.A.S emerges as a company that develops raw materials, with more than 6 years of experience in research, innovation, development and marketing. With the infrastructure of our oil processing plant by cold pressing, the industrial transformation of the Cacay, Coco and Linaza fruit is carried out, complying with the established quality standards, obtaining also cocoa flour, coconut flour, coconut water, flaxseed and coconut fiber.

Value Proposal

We are a Colombian brand whose motivational axes are food and natural cosmetics as a healthy alternative and harmonious relationships with our stakeholders (Colombian farmers, collaborators, customers and partners) as a fundamental part of development. All this in a framework of environmental and economic sustainability. We generate value to the productive chain of more than 400 peasant families from the Pacific and the eastern plains of our country. We buy your crops under the fair price and cash policy to guarantee your financial stability.

Quality Politics

Our Quality Policy is based on the improvement of the transformation processes, as well as on the determination of the most appropriate conditions of conservation in order to offer our customers products with optimal characteristics. This process is supported by a comprehensive and continuous training program for our employees, the strict observance of the BPM, the application of laboratory analysis, monitoring and control during all processes to ensure the safety and excellent quality of the products, as well as as industrial safety in each of the operations carried out.
Agroindustrias Tacay S.A.S. It has a Processing Plant, which is equipped with the infrastructure and machinery required for the total use of the production of products and by-products.

Social Impact

Agroindustrias Tacay SAS, supports 150 peasant families throughout the Meta Department in places with post-conflict problems, with the purchase of the Cacay wild harvest at fair prices and generating additional income, collaborating with the work of these families who have decided protect these trees.

Additional Agroindustrias Tacay works with Cooagroguapi buying its raw material at fair prices, a cooperative located in Guapi, Cauca, an area affected by violence in the country, in which more than 90 families joined together around the coconut crop (more than 500 beneficiaries) , with more than 1,200 hectares, directed by Mabby Brigida Obregon de Grueso, legal representative of the cooperative, founded in 2004, to activate the economy and provide an alternative to honest work in a conflict zone.

Environmental Impact

Agroindustrias Tacay has 50 hectares of own crops and together with 150 peasant families, helps reforestation of the area with the Cacay tree, in this way it is possible to green the area, helps conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources in order to actively participate in the recovery of the ecological balance of the planet.


To date we have 50 Hectares of cacay planted with genetic material selected from the best examples of Meta established in their own land. The execution of this innovative Agroindustrial Project is based on the results of the Soil Study and the Design of the Plantation developed by a specialized company. Both the nursery work and the maintenance of the crop have the permanent support of an Agronomist, who carries out the technical assistance.