the promising cacay cultivation in the amazorinoquia

the promising cacay cultivation in the amazorinoquia

Company needs fruits, which is the raw material with which it produces cosmetics.

The urgency that Agroindustria Tacay has today to obtain abundant cacay nuts, the fruit of a wild tree that is produced in the Amazorinoquia, shows that this could be a promising crop for the region.

The nut contains an oil that is the raw material that this company produces produces cosmetics that hydrate, relax and revitalize the skin, says Ivan Carrillo, commercial director of that company.

The tree up to 70 meters high, which can be in the courtyard of a house on the plain or on a farm, begins to produce fruit from the fifth year and does not stop giving nuts until the eighties, which is its highest level of longevity.

In the Meta, says Carrillo, about 20,000 tons of oil can be generated in the wild and just five years ago Agroindustria Tacay started to cultivate seven hectares on a farm in Puerto Lleras, then increased to 50. And a year ago, another company grew 120 hectares in Puerto Gaitán.

However, the cultivation of Puerto Lleras, Agroindustria Tacay, just this year is about to start producing and with those small shoots “we are going to use them for research, in order to know the characteristics of the crop in a domestic way, which may be different which occurs in the wild, “explained Carrillo.

Today they continue to collect the fruits of the existing wild trees in some areas, where they prevented the tree from being felled and they agreed with the farmers to educate them in their harvesting and to buy them the fruit.

With the fruit the company installed a plant in San Martin that is in charge of selecting the oil of the nut and the raw material -the oil- is taken to a maquila in Bogota for the production of the cosmetics.

As the product has been so successful, then – Carrillo says – it is sold in cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Valledupar and Yopal, as well as in New York (United States) the demand has increased and therefore that agroindustry is in need of nuts to extract the raw material of cosmetics.

The industrialization of the cocoa production process that takes place in Meta was won just four months ago the Ecopetrol prize for innovation, remaining as the best entrepreneurial project in the Orinoquia.

There, Óscar Iván Martínez Balaguera, manager of Agroindustria Tacay, expressed the benefits of the cacay when receiving the prize for which they were given support in money, advice and opportunities to open more markets.

Martínez Balaguera says that it is an endemic fruit of the region that adapts very easily to its microclimates and in the future this region can be a great supplier of raw material in the world as well as manufacturers of very high specification cosmetic products.

After inquiries made by that company, Martínez points out that cacay oil has the highest content of retinol in the world (three times more retinol than rosehip oil), a high content of omega 6 (it contains twice as much oil as of argan) and has great properties to clean toxins and free radicals in the skin, given its vitamin F content or combination of omegas 3, 6 and 9.