With cacay crop facing economic crisis in meta

With cacay crop facing economic crisis in meta

A Civil Engineer found in that tree planted in Tierra del Meta, the way to deal with the negative effects of the fall in the price of oil. His project generates employment and benefits farmers in the region.

As is well known, the fall in the price of oil has generated massive layoffs of personnel linked to companies in the hydrocarbon industry, while the multinational companies in the oil sector have significantly reduced their support to the communities in the areas where they operate, which reflects less social works.

Battered economy

The negative impact has not been expected and has hit the economy of municipalities of Meta, where other options are being sought to face the crisis that the fall in the price of the barrel leaves.

In San Martin, a Civil Engineer, found a way to face the negative effects in the economy and put to work a project that generates regional development, employment and stops the region well in terms of entrepreneurship.

Raw material

This is Óscar Iván Martínez Balaguera, who is the manager of Agroindustrias Tacay, a company that produces raw materials for the production of high quality cosmetics, free of chemicals and 100% natural. “We generated eight direct and 150 indirect jobs,” he said. It also promotes the cultivation of Cacay among the farmers of San Martin and other municipalities of Meta, who are bought fruit of the longevity tree. “The fruit is processed in a special plant, the three shells are removed, the oil that has more protein than soy is extracted,” explains Óscar adding that its raw material has already been acquired by multinationals that produce cosmetics for the industry from Hollywood.

“The objective is to promote the cultivation of Cacay and its oil as a raw material made in the plains,” said Óscar Iván Martínez, the young llanero entrepreneur who, without the support of any government entity, has taken forward a potential project that is changing the face the regional economy.